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Survey series

Our British Social Attitudes survey series has been asking the same questions over the last three decades, making it a critical barometer of public opinion used by the Government and journalists to debate the big issues.

British Social Attitudes has been described as the ‘gold standard’ of survey series.

Running each year since 1983, we ask the public about a range of subjects that reveal what it’s like to live in Britain today, what they think about particular issues and how they think the country is run.

Because we repeat the same questions over time, our researchers are able to measure whether and how Britain’s attitudes and values are changing.

The survey is a critical barometer of public opinion, and is used by the Government, journalists, opinion formers and academics.

We make sure that we carry out the survey in exactly the same way from year to year, so we’re confident that if we find attitudes are changing this reflects a real change among the population as a whole.

Survey series data like British Social Attitudes presents lots of fascinating opportunities to find out if the views of particular groups have changed and what this might mean.

We know, for example, that Britain is becoming less religious, and that the main reason for this is that each successive generation is less religious than the one before, rather than people changing their religious beliefs as they get older.

So as older, more religious, generations die out they are being replaced by less religious ones, and Britain’s overall levels of religious belonging is gradually declining. 

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    British Social Attitudes

    One Queen, Three recessions, Five Prime Ministers: 30 years of insight into a changing Britain.

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