Evaluations answer questions about your programmes and policies and we can provide a number of different options to suit your needs.

Evaluations answer questions about your programmes and policies like ‘what has been its impact?’, ‘how does it work?’, ‘why didn't it work?’ or ‘how can it work better in the future?’. We can provide a number of different options suited to your needs.

Needs assessment  

Find out what the needs of your local population are, where these needs are already met and how you compare with the rest of your region or similar population groups. Use it to focus resources and services in the places where they are needed the most. 

Evidence review 

Find out what else has been done to tackle the same problem you are facing, what works, what doesn't work and what you can realistically expect to achieve. Use it to find the most effective solution and save money by learning from others’ mistakes. We have experience conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and rapid evidence assessments.

Theory of change development 

Find out how to tackle the problem you have identified through your needs assessment or evidence review. Use it to articulate what your intervention does in a clear and precise way, to help understand how to improve how it works and to test whether it actual works are you assume.

Implementation and process evaluation   

Find out what processes were used to implement the intervention, if it operated as planned or how it has run over the long term. Use it to interpret the impact of the intervention or, if it has failed, unpick whether an intervention is inherently faulty or badly delivered. 

Impact evaluation   

Find out whether your intervention has worked and if it achieved any unexpected results. Use it to decide whether to continue with the intervention or not, whether to roll it out more widely or introduce improvements. We have extensive experience conducting randomised controlled trials and quasi-experimental studies.

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