NatCen Learning

We are a leading provider of social research training in the UK.

NatCen Learning is a provider of high-quality training, facilitation, and high-capacity events, delivering practical insight and skills for social research. We have established a track record for providing flexible and interactive learning support to a range of organisations in the public, academic and third sector to develop their knowledge of key methodological issues and capabilities in key research skills. 

Our learning programmes encompass an equal split of taught knowledge and participant-led activity elements to ensure deep learning and application to the workplace context. All learning initiatives are specially designed to encourage the effective transfer of theory to practice through encouraging participatory contribution.

We have a range of publicly accessible training courses for a variety of experience levels which are delivered throughout the year. Our courses are developed by experienced trainers and subject matter experts who work within the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen). Training content draws upon many examples of NatCen’s own research across several areas.

We provide capability building programmes designed to upskill workforces in social research, as well as bespoke training to organisations based on existing course content.

For these learning initiatives we apply a model of collaborative process to content creation. This collaborative process produces a tailored offering to fit your organisational needs, allowing for collaborative meeting time and integration of locally sourced material.

If you would like to discuss a capability building project or your organisation's bespoke training needs, please contact us at

We have 17 courses, most of which run on a regular yearly basis and are available for individual registration. Courses include hand-outs and materials which summarises course content and provide additional resource links for further reading. 

All our courses are available to be delivered in-house to organisations. For further information and rates, please contact us at