Mixed-mode surveys

We have lots of experience collecting data using a variety of different modes.

Mixed mode surveys involve collecting the same information using different modes (face-to-face, telephone, paper, web, mobile). If you are thinking about a mixed-mode survey then we can help: we have lots of valuable experience.

Measurement error can occur when respondents interpret and try to answer the same question in different ways depending on the mode. Our groundbreaking research in this area helps us work with our clients to design questions that minimise mode effects so that they can have confidence in the survey’s findings.

Response rates are of concern to our clients. Using financial incentives of the right value, at the right time, can improve response rates to mixed mode surveys and encourage people to take part using cheaper data collection modes, such as web.

Cost efficiency is a motivator for using a mixed mode design. Knowing when’s the best time to switch mode and what to tell participants up-front about how they can take part can affect take up of cheaper modes.

Up-to-date information on the status of each case is important so that the best decisions are made. Our Sample Management System provides our survey managers with the right information at the right time.