Our analysts produce data-driven insights to inform policy.

Our analysts specialise in turning the data that is created when citizens use a government service or answer a survey into insights that enable well-informed policy and services.

Public bodies and charities commission research from us ranging from rapid survey insights to multi-year projects. We cover all social policy areas at the local, regional and national level in close collaboration with our Centres of Excellence and academic partners.

Our project teams can bring together expertise from quantitative analysts, data scientists, data managers, statisticians and designers to source the right data and generate clear and actionable insights. Our analysts have full accredited researcher status under the Digital Economy Act 2017, which enables us to access a wealth of unpublished data for research projects for the public good.

We are experts in analytical methods and committed to improving these. Grant funding is currently enabling us to break new ground on analysis of linked social media and survey data, and in understanding survey non-response.

Contact us at to explore how we can help answer your research questions.