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Evaluation of the Bankee Programme, Kuwait (2023-2024)

The Bankee programme, launched in Kuwait in 2022 by the National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), Ministry of Education in Kuwait, and Kuwait Anticorruption Authority (Nazaha) and designed and delivered by Creative Confidence Consultancy and Training Institute (CCCTI), aims to enhance primary school pupils' financial literacy and behaviour through practical and engaging experiential learning. Using the Classroom Economy Model as a guide and adapting it to the local context and targeted age group, it introduces basic financial concepts and practices and encourages overall pupil behaviour improvements.

Following a successful pilot by Creative Confidence Consultancy and Training Institute (CCCTI), NatCen International in collaboration with the Centre for Evaluation have been contracted to evaluate and ensure the sustainable implementation of Bankee in governmental and private schools in Kuwait. Our project employs a qualitative and quantitative approach, conducting a pre-post evaluation of Bankee through an implementation and process evaluation (IPE) and a quantitative pre-post evaluation adapted to the local context