Deliberation for all: what technologies and future thinking might we need to make deliberation more embedded in our societies?

This seminar series is aimed at exploring the expanding world of deliberative research.
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    25th January 2023 17:15 GMT Standard Time – 18:15 GMT Standard Time
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This seminar series, aimed at exploring the expanding world of deliberative research, features guest speakers providing unique insights into the understanding of deliberation.

This series is co-hosted by Ceri Davies, Director of the Centre for Deliberative Research at the National Centre for Social Research and Suzanne Hall, Director of Engagement at King’s College London’s Policy Institute. The seminar will run for 45mins, with an option to stay for a further 15mins to participate in a Q&A with our guest speakers.

This series explores the theory and practice of deliberative research, its relationship to deliberative democracy and the impact it can have on citizens and policy. The seminars are designed to be informal, to provide an open space for networking and discussion, to listen and engage with likeminded professionals.

This particular session will discuss 'Deliberation for all; what technologies and future thinking might we need to make deliberation more embedded in our societies?'


  • Alice Siu
    Associate Director Deliberative Democracy Lab
    Alice Siu received her PhD from the Department of Communication at Stanford University, with a focus in political communication, deliberative democracy, and public opinion, and her B.A. degrees in Economics and Public Policy and MA degree in Political Science, also from Stanford. Siu has advised policymakers and political leaders around the world, at various levels of government, including leaders in China, Brazil, and Argentina. Her research interests in deliberative democracy include what happens inside deliberation, such as examining the effects of socio-economic class in deliberation, the quality of deliberation, and the quality of arguments in deliberation.
  • Cat Tully
    Director School of International Futures
    Cat Zuzarte Tully leads the School of International Futures (SOIF), a not-for-profit international collective of practitioners based in the UK who use futures thinking to inspire change at the local, national and global levels. SOIF has worked with organisations like the UN, Omidyar, NATO, the Royal Society and national governments to make the world fairer for future generations. SOIF also supports a growing network of Next Generation Foresight Practitioners. Previously, Cat served as Strategy Project Director at the UK Foreign Office and Policy Advisor in the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit. She is a non-resident fellow at the US Government Accountability Office’s Center for Strategic Foresight and a member of the Advisory Committee of the Chilean Council of Foresight and Strategy. Cat’s mission is to inspire individuals, communities, organisations and governments to reinvigorate democracy by designing, scaling and embedding a range of innovations incorporating thinking about the future.