Analysis of Qualitative Data

Join us for a training course in partnership with the Social Research Association.
  • Event time:
    13th November 2023 10:00 – 15th November 2023 15:00
  • Format:

This live online course (over three days) is designed to equip participants with a clear understanding of the principles of high quality data analysis. (NatCen trainers) * Price:  £330 for SRA members, £440 for non-members. It runs over three consecutive part-days and uses Zoom software *


This three day course is designed to equip participants with a clear understanding of the principles and practice of high quality, rigorous qualitative data analysis. The course primarily focuses on ‘Framework’, an approach to qualitative data management developed at NatCen, and how this approach can be used to conduct descriptive and explanatory qualitative data analysis. The course will be delivered through a mixture of taught sessions and practical exercises.


By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • be able to recognise different approaches to qualitative data analysis (QDA)
  • be able to describe key stages in the analytical process in qualitative research
  • be able to describe and use the ‘Framework’ approach to data management
  • have gained experience of interpreting qualitative data from analytical charts
  • be able to describe the factors which can affect the generalisability of qualitative data
  • be able to evaluate the quality of qualitative analysis presented to them


The key stages and objectives of the analytical process in qualitative research

  • Overview of the range of approaches to QDA
  • The qualitative analytical hierarchy
  • Tools for qualitative data management
  • Using Framework for data management
  • Developing the conceptual framework for analysis
  • Descriptive analysis for qualitative data
  • Introducing typologies in qualitative research
  • The nature of linkage and explanations in qualitative data
  • Searching for linkages and explanations
  • Drawing wider inference from qualitative data

Who will benefit?

This course will be useful to you if you:

  • are an experienced qualitative researcher who wants to learn new skills in qualitative data analysis or to broaden and refresh your existing skills
  • are experienced in other aspects of qualitative research but are new to the analysis of qualitative data
  • commission or manage qualitative research in central or local government, health or other applied policy sectors and need to understand the qualitative data analysis process


  • Mehul Kotecha
    Qual Innovation Lead and Senior Researcher
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    Mehul Kotecha joined NatCen as a Senior Researcher in March 2008. He has led on a number of qualitative studies including evaluations of back to work programmes (e.g. process evaluation of the Support for the Very Long-Term Unemployed Trailblazer programme), research into financial and material circumstances in old age (e.g. exploring the relationship between material deprivation and pensioner poverty and a study which explored older people's attitudes towards the principle of automatic awards of Pension Credit), and research into education and skills (e.g. a study exploring motivations and barriers to part-time post-16 education).

    Mehul has worked with a diverse range of respondents and has experience of a range of qualitative methods - including in-depth interviews and focus groups. Prior to this, Mehul was a Research Fellow at the Institute of Primary Care and Public Health, based at London South Bank University - where he also received his doctorate in Sociology.

  • Jane Kerr
    Senior Researcher
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    Jane Kerr is a Qualitative Senior Researcher in the National Centre for Social Research (NatCen)'s Crime and Justice team. She has worked on a range of qualitative studies about gambling behaviour, and a study for the Sentencing Council exploring online fraud and its impact on victims.

    Jane delivers training on the qualitative in-depth interviewing course. She also has a background in quantitative research and has previously worked on workplace surveys and a panel survey about Families and Children.

    Prior to joining NatCen in 2003, Jane read Human Communication at Manchester University before completing a MA in Social Anthropology, at Durham University.