Understanding people’s views about gambling treatment and unmet need

NatCen are doing this research for GambleAware, a charity committed to minimising gambling-related harm.

About the study

NatCen is an independent social research organisation. We are doing this research for GambleAware, a charity committed to minimising gambling-related harm. They are interested in hearing about people’s views of gambling treatment services, as well as why some people may and may not access these services. They are going to use the research findings to help inform the development of gambling treatment services in Britain.

What’s involved?

We are looking for people who are willing to take part in an interview with one of our experienced researchers, at a time convenient to you. The interview can take place over the telephone or face-to-face at a place that suits you. We would like to ask you about:

  • Your experiences of gambling and your reasons for gambling;
  • The impact of gambling on your life;
  • Your views and awareness of treatment services;
  • Your views around the reasons for accessing and not accessing gambling treatment services;
  • Your suggestions for any improvements that could be made to the provision of gambling treatment in Britain.

The interview will take about one hour but you can speak for as long or as little as you like.

Everyone who takes part in an interview will be given £25 in High Street vouchers as a thank you for their time.

Taking part in the research would involve an interview with one of our experienced researchers. The aim is for the interview to feel informal and like a conversation.

The interview will take about one hour, but you can speak for as long or as little as you like.

You can decide how long the conversation lasts and you can stop answering questions at any time.

If you would like to have someone else there when we speak with you that is fine, it is completely up to you. Please also let the researcher who calls you know if you have any specific needs which should be accommodated for the interview. This could include support for a disability or health condition. 

We are aiming to have completed all interviews by September 2019.

Who can take part?

We would like to speak to people who:

  • Are aged 16 or over.

  • Have taken part in gambling activities and who have never accessed any gambling treatment services yet feel that their gambling behaviour may be having or could potentially have some negative impact on their life.

  • We would like to hear about the views and experiences from a range of different people therefore regretfully, it may not be possible to speak to everyone who would like to take part.

Will the interview be recorded?

We will ask if you are happy for your answers to be audio recorded so that we have an accurate record of what you say. You can ask us to make written notes instead if you prefer.

The recording or written notes will be kept securely. 

How we you will use what I say

We will write a report about the issues that you and others have spoken about for GambleAware. The findings will be published on GambleAware’s and NatCen’s websites.  If you would like to be sent a copy of the report please let the NatCen researcher know when you speak with them. GambleAware will use the findings to help inform the future delivery of gambling treatment in Britain.

When we talk about the research and write the report we will not use anyone’s name and we will make sure that no one knows who said what.

We will not share your contact details, or the transcript/written notes of your interview with GambleAware or with anyone outside of the research team.

Everything you say will be confidential. The only time we may need to tell someone what you say to us is if we believe that you or someone else may be at risk of harm now or in the future.

If you would like to know more about how the information you provide will be processed, please read a copy of the privacy notice that can be found here.

Do I have to take part?

You do not have to take part, it is up to you.

You may find it helpful to talk to someone else about the research before you decide – but it is your choice, not theirs.

You can change your mind about taking part in an interview at any point – even during the interview itself.

If you decide to withdraw the information you gave after having taken part in an interview that’s fine - just let the NatCen research team know and we will ensure that we do not use it. You can telephone us on  0808 196 1468, or email: gambleawareresearch@natcen.ac.uk before the 30th September 2019.

What next?

If you are interested in taking part, please contact a member of the NatCen research team Freephone 0808 196 1468, email gambleawareresearch@natcen.ac.uk for more information.

If you would like to contact GambleAware about this research please email research@gambleaware.org

Privacy notice

This privacy notice sets out how we will process information from everyone who takes part in this research.

Accessing information and support services

If the research has raised any issues where you would appreciate further support and guidance, here is a list of contact details for help and advice.

Support, information or advice to anyone affected by a gambling problem.
0808 8020 133

Support for friends and families affected by gambling.

Gamblers Anonymous
A support fellowship for problem gamblers.

National Problem Gambling Clinic
Specialist NHS clinic for problem gamblers in England or Wales.
020 7381 7722

Citizens Advice
For impartial advice on a range of issues including debt, benefits, employment, housing, discrimination, and many more.
CAB have offices all over the UK, to find your nearest go to www.citizensadvice.org.uk
Self-help information is also available at http://www.adviceguide.org.uk

National Debtline
Free, independent and confidential advice on money and debt problems.
0808 808 4000

Money Advice Service
A free and impartial advice service set up by the government to help people manage their money.
0800 138 7777

Family Lives
A national family support charity providing help and support in all aspects of family life.
0808 800 2222

Relationship counselling and advice to couples and individuals.
0300 003 0396

Confidential, emotional support for anyone in a crisis.
116 123

Contact us

If you have any questions about the research you can contact a member of the research team on 0808 196 1468 (Freephone from landlines) or at gambleawareresearch@natcen.ac.uk