England’s Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport

Information for participants

Each year, a number of people are chosen at random from across the country to be interviewed about what they do in their spare time, so this is your unique chance to influence how public money is spent on arts, sports and other facilities in your area. Everyone’s experiences are relevant. We are conducting this survey with Ipsos MORI.

Your participation in this survey is very important, because the results of the survey will help the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and its partners understand what helps or hinders people taking part in these activities.

The survey covers a variety of topics, such as:

  • Sports and active recreation.
  • Visits to museums, galleries and heritage sites.
  • Use of libraries and archives.
  • Arts events and activities.
  • Volunteering and charitable giving.

Everyone’s views and experiences are valuable.  It is important for you to take part even if you do not participate in any activities or you do not think your views are relevant, so that the results represent everyone in England.

Around 8,000 adults and 800 children will be interviewed for the 2019/20 survey.  

NatCen is conducting this survey in partnership with Ipsos MORI.