Frances Shipsey

Senior Researcher

Frances is a Senior Researcher in the Health and Social Care team.

Since joining NatCen in 2019, Frances has contributed to a range of studies on areas such as trends in tobacco and e-cigarette use, LGB health and health behaviours, the links between ethnicity and religion and health outcomes, vulnerability of consumers in the funerals market, and access to transport and mobility aids among people living with disabilities.  Recently, Frances has undertaken research in a range of topics on experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, including loneliness, experience of living space and open spaces, food use and access, and experiences of bereavement and funerals during the period of social restrictions.

Frances is experienced in mixed methods approaches, including depth interviewing and focus group facilitation, process evaluation, rapid evidence assessments (literature reviews), documentary analysis, and secondary data analysis.  Frances gained a MSc in Research Methods from City, University of London in 2020. Her interests include depth interviewing, research ethics, and in health policy, and the social determinants of health and health inequalities. She also holds a MA in Library and Information Studies from UCL (1988), and practised as an academic librarian in university and research libraries for many years before joining NatCen. Her professional interests included information-seeking behaviours, open access, and usability and accessibility of online resources.