Crescenzo Pinto

Senior Researcher

Crescenzo joined NatCen as a Researcher in January 2020 and is currently working as Senior Researcher in the Health and Social Care Team. As a Researcher, he contributed to the implementation of a range of projects including qualitative studies, rapid evidence assessments, evaluations, secondary analyses, deliberative polling, and surveys. His role involved the moderation of in-depth interviews and focus groups, analysis of primary and secondary data, literature screening, full-text extraction, weight of evidence, charting, and design of data collection tools. As a Senior Researcher, he is responsible for the management of day-to-day delivery of multiple concurrent projects. Crescenzo supports and leads the development of quantitative and qualitative research tools and data collection instruments. He has a leading role in the daily management of fieldwork and in the analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. He is also responsible for the delivery of report and proposal sections, and he has currently co-authored six reports and several proposals.