Crescenzo Pinto

Senior Researcher

Crescenzo is currently working as a Senior Researcher in the Health Policy Team, with responsibility for the day-to-day management of multiple concurrent projects. Crescenzo supports and leads the development of research tools and data collection instruments. He has a leading role in the daily management of fieldwork and in the analysis of data. He is also responsible for the delivery of report and proposal sections, and he has currently co-authored several reports and proposals.

In his role as a Senior Researcher, as well as in previous roles, Crescenzo conducted several qualitative interviews with potentially vulnerable participants (such as people who gamble, people who use drugs, carers, patients, and bereaved people) and on a number of sensitive subjects (including, for example, gambling, drug abuse, bereavement and grief, pain, mental health, loneliness, and cancer). More recently, Crescenzo has worked on a qualitative study on the consequences of Covid-19 on grief and bereavement, an evaluation of the effects of the Credit Card Ban for gambling in Great Britain (which also included interviews with people who gamble and those affected by others’ gambling behaviours), and a mixed-methods study on drug use in minority ethnic groups for which he conducted several in-depth interviews.