Survey Futures: Addressing current challenges to assure the future of survey data collection

This survey methods webinar, organised by City, University of London, European Social Survey and the National Centre for Social Research.
  • Event time:
    7th September 2023 12:00 – 13:00
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The UK Economic and Social Research Council has commissioned a £3.3M initiative that aims to deliver a step-change in survey research.

This will ensure that it will remain possible to carry out high quality social surveys of the kinds required by the public and academic sectors in the UK.

The initiative, known as Survey Futures, will involve an extensive research programme, a training and capacity-building stream, workshops, conferences and other events over the next three years.

The need for Survey Futures arises both from challenges currently facing the survey community and new opportunities being presented.

Paradoxically, both some of the challenges and some of the opportunities were caused or accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The pandemic decimated interviewing field forces but also forced the rapid adoption of new approaches to survey data collection.

In this webinar, Peter Lynn (University of Essex) and Olga Maslovskaya (University of Southampton) set out the objectives of Survey Futures, outlined the methodological research programme, and explained how YOU can participate!


  • Professor Peter Lynn
    University of Essex
    Professor Peter Lynn is Professor of Survey Methodology at the University of Essex, where he is currently Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Research. He is a past President of the International Association of Survey Statisticians and was awarded the Royal Statistical Society’s Guy Medal in Bronze for services to survey research. His research interests encompass most aspects of survey methods, including sampling, weighting, non-response and measurement. Professor Lynn is Director and Principal Investigator of Survey Futures.
  • Olga Maslovskaya
    Associated Professor Survey Research
    Dr Olga Maslovskaya is Associated Professor in Survey Research and Social Statistics at the University of Southampton. Olga is Deputy Director for Survey Futures collaboration. Olga’s research interests are in most aspects of survey methods and her expertise is in the areas of survey data collection, online surveys and survey data quality.