Customer promise

The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) is the UK’s leading independent social research organisation, with an unparalleled portfolio of applied social research built up over 50 years.

We can be trusted to deliver research services with professionalism and with a commitment to excellence. As part of this commitment, we make the following promises to our customers:

  • We put our customers first and are committed to working in partnership with you, now and over the long term
  • We will focus our time and energy on meeting your needs and taking care of the money you invest in us
  • We will work to high quality standards, and be innovative in our designs and use of technology to give you the best possible outputs and value for money
  • We will be accessible, flexible and ready to discuss changing requirements, concerns and opportunities
  • We will be transparent about how we do things and honest if we fall short of our high standards, setting out corrective actions 
  • We will be proactive about sharing our ideas and insights and will deliver findings that are clear, practical and useful
  • We will seek your feedback on our performance, whether we’ve met your goals and the impact of the work we’ve done for you