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Let’s Talk About Society

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About the 'Let's talk about society' series 

In the following 'Let's talk about society' articles, NatCen's Chief Executive Guy Goodwin talks about the big issues in UK society today. He looks at how the evidence can help us better understand and improve our society and makes the case for the importance of high-quality research.

Latest article

NatCen's 50th Anniversary Speech by Guy Goodwin CEO
April 2019 

I would like to welcome you to the House of Lords: our commissioners, funders, many partners and stakeholders; our former colleagues, families and friends, including of Gerald and Roger; my trustees, leadership team and wonderful staff that, to every woman and man, have worked tirelessly to refocus and re-energise this organisation for our future over the last three years. ... read on.


Previous articles  

The Emigration of Immigrants 
March 2019 

In December 2018, the Government set out plans for immigration post-Brexit. Shortly afterwards, a much criticised Home Office video reinforced the basis of the settlement scheme for EU Citizens set out earlier in 2018. So what effect might these plans have on EU citizens living in the UK? ... read on.

Is there a future for surveys? 
December 2018 

The themes explored at the Cathie Marsh Memorial Lecture 2018 … read on.

The fall and rise of Britishness and Englishness
September 2018

Following the creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999, UK politicians were quick to warn of the threat of English nationalism to the existence of the Union. Jack Straw, the former Labour MP, went as far as describing the English as “potentially very aggressive, very violent … read on.

My Life, My Health 
July 2017

Last month, NHS Digital released “England’s changing health since the 1990s” which provides health data over 25 years on subjects from high blood pressure to alcohol consumption. I would encourage you to use the new data tool that we developed to support this project... read on. 

A Nation with Attitude - What can policy makers learn from public attitudes?  January 2017  

As the nation’s MPs come back to Westminster in January, many may well be feeling in low spirits. In 2014, over 1.5 million Scots voted for Scottish independence; in the general election, more people voted UKIP than voted Liberal Democrat and Scottish Nationalist combined... read on.

Unknown Territory - Tourism after the Brexit Vote 
November 2016 

During the summer holidays, we again packed our bags in large numbers to travel the world from Magaluf to Angkor Wat in search of sun, fun, relaxation and to feed our curiosity. UK residents made more visits abroad in the last twelve months than there are people here ... read on

Society and People - what’s on the horizon?
September 2016 

In this, my first “Let’s Talk About Society” article, I do some future gazing. Horizon scanning is important because it can take time and resources to develop and implement successful policies and interventions that improve people’s lives ... read on.