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NHS Test and Trace App, Qualitative Enquiry: taking part

About the study

NatCen Social Research (NatCen) has been commissioned by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) and NHS Test and Trace to carry out research with people who have recently adopted and used the NHS Test and Trace app. The aim of the research is to understand how people are using the app and what they think about its usability and functionality. To do so, we will be speaking to businesses, NHS staff and early adopters of the app.

The app will support the contract tracing of those who have tested positive for Covid-19 and help with identifying new cases. It has two new functions that are to be tested, in order to ensure that participants are able to minimise their risk when carrying out work or leisure activities. This study will help the DHSC to further understand what may be needed to support people in their use of this important app.

The overall aims of this research are to:

  • test the extent to which the piloted app meets its desired outcomes;
  • identify potential refinements/improvements; and
  • inform national rollout (by identifying benefits of the technology and usage barriers to be addressed).

Who is carrying out the research?

NatCen Social Research (NatCen) is an independent, not-for-profit, social research organisation that has been carrying out high quality social research for over 50 years. We are commissioned by government and charities to uncover the real views of people in Britain today. What we find out is used to inform policy and make a difference to the lives of people across the nation.

Why take part?

This study will help the NHS to further understand what may be needed to support people in their use of this important app. Your views are really important to us and, we look forward to hearing more about what you think of the NHS Test and Trace app.

What will taking part involve?

We would like to hear your views about the use of the app in a telephone or Zoom interview with a NatCen researcher, which will last up to 40 minutes. The interview can be carried out at a time most convenient for you and all interviews will be completed by the second week of September. You may be living with a specific disability or health condition. Do let our team know this and, we can make sure that your friend, relative or support worker is available to support you.

What will the interview focus on?

We will ask you about your thoughts on and experience of with the app, why you have decided to download it, what functions you have used, whether its use was easy or not, and what kind of barriers to its use you have encountered.

Why have I been asked to take part?

Prior to the app being launched nationally, it is being trialled in selected areas in order to determine its usability. You have been asked to take part because you reside or operate a business that falls within the selected trial area.

What will happen to any information I give?

We will bring together the views of everyone that has taken part in the study into a report for the DHSC. We will not name anybody in the report, and it will not be possible to identify anybody who took part in the interviews.

For more information on how NatCen will handle your personal information, please refer to the privacy notice.

Contact us

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss the research, please email