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Privacy notice

In compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), there are certain things that we need to let you know about how your information will be handled. In this privacy notice, we explain the legal reason for data processing, what personal data we will collect, who will have access to your personal data, how your data will be used, when it will be deleted, and who you can contact about a query and complaint.

1.     The legal reason for handling data

This project is funded by UK in a Changing Europe and delivered by NatCen Social Research.

NatCen is the data controller. As the data controller, NatCen are responsible for deciding the purpose and legal reason for handled data. The legal reason for processing the data is ‘consent’.

2.     What personal data will be collected?

During the screening process for the workshops, personal details such as income level and how people voted in the EU referendum will be collected. During the workshops themselves, data collected will include opinions and perspectives shared by participants. This information will be collected by NatCen.

Only a small number of staff in NatCen will have access to participant-identifying data collected during the Local Communities in Britain after Brexit project.

3.     Who will be able to access my personal data?

A small team of NatCen staff will have access to all data listed above in section 2.

4.     How will my data be treated?

The data we collect will be used for research only.

Results of the study will be published in a report and made publicly available after it has been completed. The report may include some quotes from workshop participants, but any identifying information including participant names will not be published. It will not be possible to identify you from the report.

NatCen will also share anonymised transcripts of the workshops with the UK in a Changing Europe. These will not include names or other identifying personal details. These anonymised transcripts will also be deposited in the UK Data Archive so that others who might be interested in this type of research could see what was discussed.  As above, it will not be possible to identify you in these documents.

All personal information related to this project held by NatCen will be deleted by NatCen within six months of the project’s completion in 2020. 

5.     Who can I contact with a query or complaint?

If you have any questions about how your data will be used, please contact NatCen’s Head of Data Protection at

Where we are processing your personal data with your consent, you have the right to access a copy of your personal data, ask for your personal data to be corrected or ask for your personal data to be deleted. If you would like to make any request related to your personal data or to withdraw your consent, please contact:

Under GDPR, you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office if your query is not satisfactorily addressed by us. Please go to for more information.