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What’s involved?

Multiple Speech Bubbles The interview 

Someone from NatCen will call you to arrange the interviews at a time and date that is convenient for you.

All interviews need to be conducted in a private space because we will ask you about your workforce. 

We want to speak to some people face-to-face so we can test a tool developed by HMRC  to help employers determine employment for their staff. 

The interview will cover:

  • The way you go about determining the employment status of your staff
  • Any issues you  face when determining employment status
  • Your experiences and views of available information, tools and support
  • Your suggestions for how HMRC could improve support for SMEs

PadlockWhat you tell us is completely confidential

This means only NatCen will know you have taken part in the research. NatCen will not pass your name or details of your business to anyone at HMRC.

All interviews will be recorded using a secure digital recorder and transcribed so we can accurately report what businesses have told us.

We may ask your permission to share the transcript of your interview with HMRC.

Before we do this we will take out any information that identifies you and your business.

In the final report we may quote what you say but we will not include your name or anything that identifies your business or yourself. All information is reported back anonymously.