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Family Drug and Alcohol Courts Evaluation

About the study

The What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care (WWCSC) has commissioned NatCen to conduct an evaluation of the Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC), a court approach that supports parents in overcoming substance misuse and aims to keep more families together.

For this preliminary stage of the research, we are looking to build a detailed understanding of how FDAC works in theory and in practice. This includes aspects such as the number of staff that make up an FDAC team as well as their roles in the team, the type of support offered to families, the length of time for which they are supported, and how FDAC is implemented and delivered differently across different FDAC sites.  Our findings from this stage of the research will then be used to inform the design of the main evaluation stage.

Who is carrying out the research?

This research is being carried out by NatCen Social Research.

NatCen Social Research is the UK’s leading independent social research agency. We’re proud to have been carrying out research on behalf of government, charities and other organisations for nearly 50 years.

We are a non-profit organisation, completely independent of government departments and political parties.

What does the evaluation involve?

During the first stage of our research, we will be talking to FDAC staff members and key organisations that work closely with FDAC teams. This will be taking place between February and March 2020 and will involve:

  • A survey of FDAC site managers. This is a short survey that aims to gather information on how FDAC is delivered across different sites as well as who is involved in delivery.
  • Telephone interviews with FDAC staff and other organisations. These will involve discussions about how FDAC is implemented, including things like eligibility criteria for taking part in FDAC, how family outcomes are measured and the availability of data sources. Interviews should last no longer than 60 minutes.
  • Workshops with FDAC site managers and other organisations. A collaborative session will be held to help us build an understanding of the theory behind FDAC and what is needed in practice to make FDAC work. A final workshop will also be held at the end of the study stage to discuss possible approaches to carrying out the main evaluation.

What will happen to any information I give?

We will use what you tell us to inform our approach and design for the main FDAC evaluation. We will also use this information to write a report for the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care (WWCSC). However, no individuals will be named in this report.