Tamlyn Munslow

Research Director

Tamlyn is a Research Director in the Centre for Evaluation. She has experience in designing and conducting theory-based evaluations. Her expertise is in applying a range of causal process designs to the study of complex policy interventions: including theory of change, process tracing, impact pathways, and causal mechanism designs (e.g., realist evaluation). Tamlyn's doctoral research offers modifications to a process tracing method, which combines a causal inference and narrative approach to evaluating complex policy interventions. 

She has a longstanding interest in theory-based evaluation. Tamlyn has experience in a theory-based impact evaluation team at the Institute of Development Studies, where she worked in international development policy in the areas of health and undernutrition; and has subsequently focussed on child protection practice in the UK. Her focus has been on exploring case-based approaches to causal inference to adjudicate between alternative possible explanations.