Berenice Scandone

Research Director

Berenice has joined NatCen’s Children and Families Team as Senior Researcher in June 2018. She is especially interested in approaches to understanding and redressing inequalities of access and participation to various social domains as shaped by intersecting dimensions of social identity. Her key areas of interest are educational inequalities, social (im)mobility, ethnic and racial inequalities, Bourdieusian theory and qualitative methodologies. She is experienced in mixed-methods exploratory studies and evaluations of policy and practice interventions in education.

Prior to joining NatCen, Berenice was Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath, where she taught modules in Comparative Social Welfare, Social Policy and International Migration. Berenice has completed her PhD in Sociology at the University of Bath in 2018. Her thesis draws on in-depth interviews and photo-elicitation to explore the experiences and identities of British-born young women of Bangladeshi origins in higher education.