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Youth in Europe study

College students
Published: January 2014


This three year study aimed to find out about young people and their experiences of living in the UK, including how they felt about a range of issues that they faced. 

It was also conducted among young people in Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands so that comparisons could be made.

The study allowed us to look at how children who had recently come to live in Britain or were from immigrant families got on in many areas of their lives compared with other countries in Europe.

In particular, young people were asked how they felt about:

  • education
  • social issues
  • their achievements and plans for the future, and
  • how they spend their free time.


Our role in this project was to collect the data and we won't be producing a publication. 


First year of study

  • Questionnaires and written exercises were given out to two classes of year 10 students in randomly selected schools. Parents and teachers were also asked to complete a short questionnaire.

Second year of study

  • Questionnaires were given out to young people at school or were conducted over the telephone.

Third year of study

  • Young people were able to complete the questionnaire online, over the telephone or by post to capture how their views about education, attitudes and relationships have changed over time.