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Wellcome Trust Career Tracker

Two young scientists
Published: September 2016


The Wellcome Trust uses a number of Career Trackers to track the career choices of Wellcome-funded researchers so that they can improve the career support they offer researchers. 

We ran three Career Trackers in 2015 and 2016. You can read the 2015 Career Trackers by using the pink buttons below.

  • The Basic Science Career Tracker  follows the career paths of a selection of basic science researchers.
  • The Clinical Career Tracker follows the career paths of a selection of clinical fellows.
  • The International Career Tracker tracks the career progression of current and former Wellcome funded fellows in low- and middle-income countries. 

We are running the Basic Science and Clinical Career Trackers again in late 2016.


We have written reports on the Basic Science Career Tracker and Clinical Career Tracker, due to publish in Summer 2017.

A report on the International Career Tracker will be written and published by the Wellcome Trust. Please contact Wellcome to find out when this report will be made available.  


An online survey asks participants about their career intentions and development and is run annually to track what happens to people over time. 

Basic Science Career Tracker report 2015

Basic Science Career Tracker tables 2015

Clinical Career Tracker report 2015

Clinical Career Tracker tables 2015