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Health Survey for England

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The Health Survey for England is a yearly survey that monitors the health of the nation. It has been running since 1991.

Latest findings

The most recent results are from the 2019 survey, which you can view on the NHS Digital website. You can also use an online tool to interact with and explore trend data from the survey over the last quarter of a century. 


Each year the survey provides data on core topics such as general health, social care, smoking and drinking, and objective measures including height, weight and blood pressure.

Modules of questions are also asked on specific health issues such as cardiovascular disease, physical activity or respiratory conditions. These modules vary from year to year depending on the survey focus.

Since 1994, the survey has been carried out in collaboration with the HSE team of the Health and Social Survey Research group at the Department of Epidemiology at UCL.


We select participants using a random probability sample. The survey design ensures that every address in England has an equal chance of being included in the survey each year and the results are representative of the population living in private households.

Information is collected through an interview, and if participants agree, a visit from a specially trained nurse.

Visit the Health Survey for England website