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Making a difference

Primary classroom

Together we can give children the best start in life.


Our interviewers are talking to thousands of families to find out how childcare is helping kids get ready for their first important education milestone – starting big school. Previous research from NatCen has influenced government policy, for example, the decision to make 15 hours of funded early education available for all three and four-year-olds, as well as policies to strengthen the quality of childcare provision.

Fun run

Thanks to the Health Survey for England, doctors have made improvements to how they diagnose and treat patients.

Health Survey for England 

Thanks to the interviewers and nurses working on this project, we discovered that very few people suffering from high blood pressure actually knew about it. Doctors have now updated their practise to check blood pressure more regularly and prevent the serious health issues it can lead to. Our interviewers also discovered that very few people – especially older people – knew that they had kidney disease. This signalled to GPs that they needed to be more alert to the warning signs.

Welly boots in hallway

Our research help improve homes and housing across England.

English Housing Survey

Over the years the interviewers working on the English Housing Survey have made a big impact on national housing policy. Our research has fed into important initiatives like the Right to Buy and Help to Buy schemes, the Winter Fuel Allowance and the Green Deal. These policies have helped millions of people buy their own homes, kept the elderly warm over winter, and mean many households are saving money on bills thanks to new boilers and insulation.