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NatCen Opinion Panel

Tell us what you really think about the big issues. By taking part you will make sure that government, charities, universities & local authorities take into account your views, & those of people like you.

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The NatCen Panel is an exciting new research project following around 4,000 people living in England, Scotland and Wales. We have invited people who took part in the British or Scottish Social Attitudes surveys to join our panel. 

We will be contacting you every so often to invite you to complete some short but important questionnaires. The questions will be on a variety of topics. For example, we have previously for your opinion about grammar schools, the EU Referendum and issues in your local area.

The panel will support the work of non-profit organisations, like government departments, charities, local authorities and universities.

The panel is funded by a variety of non-profit organisations. For example, previous funders included the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the Economic & Social Research Council and Shelter.

  • ONS Time Use Study

    The ONS Time Use Study is now live.  If you have been invited to take part online and you would like to record your time for one of your allocated diary days, please click the link below to log in and take part.

    If you have been invited to take part on the phone, one of our interviewers will be in touch shortly.

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  • Fund questions

    Place questions on Britain’s first probability-based online and telephone panel.

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