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What’s involved?

One of our researchers will call you to arrange an interview at a time that suits you. We can talk to you in person or on the phone – it’s up to you. The interview is informal and will be conversational in style – there’s no need to prepare and you can skip any questions you don’t want to answer.

Making contact with you

If you agreed for your name and contact details to be passed to NatCen when competing the tagging survey, you may get a telephone call, text, email or letter from January 2019 onwards to see if you would like to take part in an interview to discuss your experiences and views of AAMR tagging.  If by the end of Spring 2019 you don't hear from us, this is because enough people have already volunteered to take part.

You may have also agreed for your name and contact details to be passed to NatCen at another time, for example a staff member working with you may have asked if you would be willing for them to pass on your details.  

If after speaking with a NatCen researcher you decide to take part in the research we will arrange a day and time for the interview to take place.

Interviewer visit

We can arrange to visit you at home or another suitable location or interview you by telephone, if you prefer. So that you know who they are, all of our researchers carry photo ID with our logo on it.

We understand that you may be busy, so we’ll organise the interview at a time that suits you.

The interview

The researcher will ask you about a range of topics including:

  • Your understanding of how the tag works
  • Your experience of setting up and wearing the tag
  • Effect of wearing the tag and any support received
  • Challenges experienced
  • Recommendations for improvement.

And don’t worry – you don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to, we can just skip on to the next one.

We can also take breaks during the interview at any time, and you can ask someone to attend the interview with you, such as a friend, family member or support worker.

We will ask your permission to audio record your answers so nothing you say is forgotten. If you don’t want to be audio recorded, we can make written notes instead. NatCen will keep all the recordings and/or written notes securely so that no one else can access them. Our systems are encrypted and password protected.

No need to prepare

There’s no need to prepare for the interview. You don’t need any special knowledge - we just want to hear about your experiences and what you think.

What will happen to the information I give?

Everything you say in the interview is confidential. This means we will not tell anyone, including the PCC or any staff, what you have said.

We will write a report about the main issues that people have talked about. We will not name anybody in the report and it will not be possible to identify anybody who took part in the interviews. The report will be published on the PCC’s website. If you would prefer to receive a paper copy of the report, please let the researcher know and they will be able to send one to you once the research is published.

The only time we may discuss what you have said with others is if you tell us about a risk of harming yourself or another person and/ or you talk about an identifiable offence/ illegal act that is unknown to the authorities.

Do I have to take part?

No, you do not have to take part. You may find it helpful to discuss this with someone else but it is entirely your choice.