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Scottish Social Attitudes

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New findings on attitudes to dementia from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey reveals Scots have positive attitudes and improved knowledge.

Read the press release 'Scots with no religion at record level'.

Visit our website to find more interesting results from the Scottish Social Attitudes survey. 


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What is Scottish Social Attitudes?

Used by the Government, journalists, opinion formers and academics, Scottish Social Attitudes is the gold standard survey series measuring and tracking changes in people's social, political and moral attitudes in Scotland.

Since 1999 we've been  interviewing members of the public to find out what they think about key issues in Scotland covering a wide range of topics and issues.

We're a charity and we want our research to reach as many organisations trying to improve life in Scotland the UK as possible.

That's why ScotCen's Scottish Social Attitudes is freely available online.

Findings from 2017

Attitudes to dementia

Attitudes to government, the economy and public services

Technical report

Findings from 2016

From Indyref 1 to Indyref 2: The State of Nationalism in Scotland

Scottish Social Attitudes 2016 - Attitudes to government and political engagement

Scottish Social Attitudes Technical Report 

Findings from 2015 

Attitudes to discrimination and positive action 

Attitudes to social networks, civic participation and co-production

Attitudes to the role of the Scottish Government presented in data tables.

A report on attitudes to Government, the National Health Service, the economy and standard of living 

2014 findings  

Attitudes to violence against women in Scotland 

Public Attitudes to Dementia (see separate executive summary here)

Public Attitudes to Sectarianism in Scotland

Has the Referendum Campaign Made a Difference? 

Minding the gap – women’s views of independence in 2014 

2013 findings

Attitudes to Mental Health in Scotland (seperate exec. summary available here)

Core module – attitudes to government, the economy, health and social care services, and social capital in Scotland

Attitudes towards alcohol in Scotland

Who will turn up and who will stay at home?

So where does Scotland stand on more devolution? 

The score at half time: Trends in support for Independence  

The Undecideds: Don't care or deeply conflicted?

Is it really all about economics? Issues of nationhood and welfare

To view the data for 2013 please visit WhatScotlandThinks.

You can view earlier reports by year and by topic by following the links below. 


Scottish Social Attitudes is run by ScotCen Social Research and is made possible by the funding we receive from a variety of charitable and governmental sources each year.


Every year, we ask 1,200 - 1,500 people to take part in Scottish Social Attitudes on the basis of random probability sampling.

This technique ensures that everyone has an equal chance of being picked to take part, so the results are representative of the Scottish population.

And because we repeat many of the same questions over time, we're able to identify real changes in people's social attitudes.

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