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Our research for Demos has contributed to the development of a toolkit that councils and charities can use to tailor services to tackle different types of poverty.

Our research revealed that poverty is a multi-dimensional problem that needs a multi-dimensional solution.

Demos' toolkit will help councils and charities address the issues that can keep a person living in poverty, which are not just do with financial deprivation, but are tied up with other issues like skills, childcare, housing and health.

For decades, politicians and policymakers have tended to use the most common measure of poverty: households that live below 60 per cent of median income.

Our research with Demos, sponsored by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, used around 20 indicators of poverty - including low income, material deprivation, bad housing, ill health, low education, unemployment and living in a deprived neighbourhood - to create a typology of modern poverty today. 

The project combined quantitative and qualitative research, including analysis of the Understanding Society dataset and in-depth interviews with those living in different types of poverty. 



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