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11 July 2018

British Social Attitudes: The data behind the headlines

To mark the 35th year of the British Social Attitudes Survey, the National Centre for Social Research is hosting early evening drinks and canapes, where we will explore the attitudes that are shaping modern Britain.

At a time of significant political and social change, this year’s survey focuses on attitudes to critical issues such as Brexit and Scottish independence, social trust, work and welfare, climate change and gender, exploring how we are changing and whether we are truly a nation divided.

The team behind the survey will be on hand to chat informally, as well as delegates from political parties, civil service, media, corporates and civil society.

Since 1983, The British Social Attitudes Survey has asked about the social, political and moral attitudes of the public. This unique data source is a critical gauge of public opinion, and is treasured by the government, journalists, opinion formers and academics.

While the media highlight the big stories and major shifts in opinion, each year we collect data on an extensive array of variables, with time series tracing back all the way to the early eighties. It’s impossible to cover this vast wealth of data in a news story, and even in a 200-page report.

At this early evening event you will hear from NatCen’s Roger Harding, Head of Public Attitudes, who will give a presentation unearthing some of the buried nuggets of insight, explaining how they relate to British society. The presentation will be followed by an audience Q&A where you will have a chance to quiz Roger and some of the chapter authors.

  • 16:30: Introduction (Guy Goodwin, Chief Executive, NatCen Social Research)

  • 16:40: Presentation (Roger Harding, Head of Public Attitudes, NatCen Social Research)

  • 17:05: Audience Q&A

  • 17:30: Drinks and canapes

  • 18:30: Close

This event is by invitation only.

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