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12 September 2017 | NatCen - Head Office

Donald Hirsch on the Living Wage

Series: Eat, drink, think

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Join us over pizza and beer to hear Donald Hirsch discuss his book 'The Living Wage'. Where did the concept come from, how has it changed labour markets and can it truly succeed in raising living standards?

The "living wage" is an old idea that has experienced a dramatic resurgence of political popularity in recent years. The underlying logic of the concept is quite clear: it is a wage that provides workers with enough income to live on at some level considered adequate. However, in practice the term has become blurred with that of the "minimum wage" and in its implementation it has lacked a consistent meaning despite being widely used as a campaigning slogan.

'The Living Wage' traces the origins of the concept of the living wage and seeks to explain the current rise in its fortunes as an economic instrument with a social objective. It examines its impact on labour markets and wage levels, explores how it has been applied, and assesses whether it is an effective measure for raising living standards.

Donald Hirsch is Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Centre for Research in Social Policy at Loughborough University. He developed the calculation of the UK Living Wage accredited by the Living Wage Foundation and he leads CRSP's ongoing research programme into household incomes and poverty trends. He was Poverty Adviser to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation for the ten years prior to joining CRSP in 2008.

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