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  • james_ball
    11 July 2017 | NatCen - Head Office James Ball on Post-Truth

    Join us over pizza and beer to hear James Ball discuss his new book ‘Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the World’.

  • Stuart Grout - Flickr
    28 June 2017 | Attlee Suite, Portcullis House British Social Attitudes 2017 Launch

    The end of liberalism? The latest British Social Attitudes report asks if we are witnessing a significant turning point in British society.

  • Bf86eb19f5314d6e9afdcd3072e4c465 1462442634
    14 June 2017 | NatCen - Head Office Breakfast with John Curtice SPEAKER: John Curtice

    Polling expert and NatCen Senior Research Fellow, John Curtice, gives his take on the 2017 General Election.

  • Coffee and computer at work
    14 June 2017 | NatCen - Head Office Assessing the risk of mode effects in surveys SPEAKER: Joanna D'Ardenne

    Does it matter if we ask survey questions face-to-face, on the phone or online? Do the answers change and how? NatCen's Jo d'Ardenne and Annette Jäckle from the Institute for Social and Economic Research present results from a large national experiment.

  • Newspapers
    30 May 2017 | British Academy Sir Roger Jowell Memorial Lecture

    The fourth annual lecture in memory of Sir Roger Jowell will be given by Professor Anand Menon on what the vote for Brexit means for the UK and its relationship with the countries who remain part of the European Union.

  • RS3911 Tmitchell 131008 9325 Scr
    11 May 2017 | NatCen - Head Office Using digital sensors to understand activity in the home

    Nigel Gilbert from University of Surrey explains how digital sensors collecting data like motion, temperature, humidity and noise can contribute to social science.

  • Country flags
    30 March 2017 | Scottish Parliament Scotland and Europe - the public view

    Prof John Curtice will present findings from the most comprehensive survey yet of the kind of relationship with the EU that people in Scotland want in the wake of the UK-wide vote to leave the EU.

  • iStock_20502162_LARGE
    07 December 2016 Brexplanations in the dock

    Many theories and explanations have been advanced by commentators since the UK voted to leave the EU in June. This event in Westminster will showcase findings from the first major synthesis of high quality data on who voted which way and why.

  • Country flags
    16 November 2016 What does Britain want from Brexit?

    This seminar at Westminster will discuss new research into what the British public want from Brexit.

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