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Svetlana Speight

Svetlana Speight

Research Director

Children & Families

Dr Svetlana Speight is a Research Director in the Children, Families & Work team. Her main areas of expertise are early years education and childcare, fatherhood and gender roles.  

Most recently, Svetlana has been leading the Study of Early Education and Development (SEED) for the Department for Education (2013-2020). This is a mixed-method evaluation including a longitudinal face-to-face survey of families, a study of quality in early years settings as well as a number of qualitative strands focusing on issues such as good practice in early years provision.

Svetlana is also leading on the web-telephone surveys for the 30 Hours Free Childcare study funded by DfE (2016-2017), which involves data collection from parents and childcare providers.

Svetlana carried out two mixed-method evaluations for the Education Endowment Foundation, which focused on teachers’ use of research evidence in their practice (2014-2016).

Other resent projects include an ESRC-funded study "Fathers, work and families in twenty-first century Britain", which was a secondary data analysis project (2012-2015).

Svetlana's main methodological strengths include substantial experience of designing and implementing large-scale surveys and mixed-method evaluations. She also has advanced skills in using quantitative methods of data analysis.  

In 2006, Svetlana completed a DPhil thesis at the University of Oxford, which compared gender-role attitudes and perceptions of gender inequality in Great Britain and Russia. 

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